January students and staff members are: K-2: Bryson Phelps 3-6: Natalie Waddell Elementary staff: Meka Melvin 7-12 students: Brooklyn Fisher and Hollianna Watson High school staff: Shelly Apperson Congratulations to everyone and keep up the outstanding positive attitudes!
about 4 years ago, Kami Florea
K-2 celebrated 100 days of school on Friday. Their day was filled with activities that involved 100.
about 4 years ago, Kami Florea
Congratulations to 1st Joseph Brannan, 2nd Kaden Blake, 3rd Saije Phelps, 7th & 8th grade Elks Americanism Essays that are moving on for state judging
about 4 years ago, Keith Nielson
Congratulations to 5th & 6th graders whose Elks Americanism Essays are moving onto state. 1st Braydon McNutt, 2nd Rachel Kemp, and 3rd Klaire Ward
about 4 years ago, Keith Nielson
Elm Creek wrestling tournament has been cancelled today due to weather.
about 4 years ago, Kami Florea
Due to icy roads conditions, McPherson County Schools will be closed Friday, January 17th.
about 4 years ago, Dana Jeppson
7th grade science & Ag performing soil weathering labs
about 4 years ago, Keith Nielson
The 5th grade is taking their knowledge beyond their classroom. They taught K-2 important computer information about Personal Information and Cyberbullying. They created games to play with the K-2 classes.
about 4 years ago, Kami Florea
The Jr. High class will have a Silent Auction Bake Sale tomorrow during the games against Cody-Kilgore in Tryon.
about 4 years ago, Meka Melvin
K-2 Pirates are learning their addresses. Practice makes perfect!
about 4 years ago, Kami Florea
The Steakhouse in Tryon is now offering lunches for school kids Mon-Fri. Hamburger/chips--$5.25, Cheeseburger/chips--$5.50, Tacos--$3.00 each and individual sized Pizzas-- $3.50. Chicken Strips and Fries coming soon. Cash only or pre-pay. Call school office with any questions.
about 4 years ago, Shelly Apperson
FYI: The Maverick Cafe has closed permanently. Please be sure your child(ren) bring a lunch on Monday. Thanks.
about 4 years ago, Dana Jeppson
The basketball games scheduled for today have been rescheduled for tomorrow and Thursday. Times TBD
about 4 years ago, McPherson County Schools
Merry Christmas from everyone at McPherson County Schools!
about 4 years ago, Kami Florea
Sr. Class
Thank you to Ed Black -winning bid for the bench and end tables and to Tim Karn - winning bid for the eagle plaque. Thanks for supporting the McPherson County woods class.
about 4 years ago, Ken Simmons
eagle plaque
Basketball tomorrow in Tryon starting at 5:30. The woods class will be taking bids on some nice wood projects that would make excellent Christmas gifts! Also Jr. High will be hosting a bake sale and the basketball teams are sponsoring a pop shoot! So many things, so come on out, watch basketball, and leave with some goodies!
about 4 years ago, Kami Florea
The third and fourth graders are "lighting" up the holidays and the hallways with their latest art project!
about 4 years ago, Brooke Doggett
Students are "lighting" up the holidays with art
Just a little fun PE activity over the weekend. Elks Hoop Shoot at Adams Middle School on Sunday starting at 1. For girls and boys ages 8-13. It is free.
about 4 years ago, Kami Florea
Isaac, Leyton, Kaden, and Ethan earned pie this month in their individual learning paths in ALEKS math. Congratulations! Ethan was shy and didn't want his picture taken.
about 4 years ago, Mrs. Lisa Vasa
#mcstryon #MCSFFA Congratulations to JH quiz bowl team placing 2nd, Kaden & Katherine Red ribbons on their Discovery & Ag Literacy speeches, Kinnley FFA Creed
about 4 years ago, Keith Nielson