Where did March go?? The weeks are counting down quickly! Here is our calendar for April 2023
2 days ago, Bethany Keller
April 2023
FFA members have started State FFA Convention off with watching a few ag demos and a tour of the UNL Food Innovation Campus!
3 days ago, Evey Choat
5 of our students attended MNAC choir contest today. We had a small group and 2 solos. William Anderson received top male low voice for his solo.
4 days ago, Mrs. Raegan Anderson
choir students
sweet treat
sweet treat 2
The Freshmen class conducted a fun and interesting hands-on activity in Physical Science Class. They were able to produce and observe waves in water by using a tuning fork to relate the movement of waves and organized the ripple effects of travel
4 days ago, Christine Dawn Hermoso
Noah executed about the waves
More tuning forks to test on the water
Testing on the bowl with water to relate on the ocean waves
Kind of Fun this Science Experiment
Today's Quiz Bowl in Paxton has been postponed due to weather. April 3rd is a tentative make up date.
5 days ago, Kami Florea
McPherson County Prom 2023
5 days ago, Bethany Keller
Prom 2023
Students have a busy week learning and exploring. Good luck in all of your activities this week!
6 days ago, Kami Florea
Due to the weather, FFA fundraiser delivery will be moved to April 3, 2023 @ 1:30 pm.
6 days ago, Evey Choat
Juniors in Chemistry class are introduced to atoms, molecules, compounds, and mixtures, using Lego bricks as atoms. In an engaging hands-on wet lab, students experience a chemical reaction and then model the same reaction with Lego bricks.
8 days ago, Christine Dawn Hermoso
Starting building chemical reactions
Katherine is trying to figure out for reactants and reactions
Braden was so eager to build up the lego based on the worksheets
Kaden had so much fun using the lego bricks to model the atoms
Sophomores are working on their short story units in English class.
9 days ago, April Gaedke
Sophomore Class
Congratulations to our students and athletes that were selected as NCPA Academic All-State recipients. Speech: Katherine Anderson and Isaac Goosey. Girls wrestling: Saije Phelps. Here is the link for a complete list. https://nsaa-static.s3.amazonaws.com/textfile/awards/2023WinterNCPAWinners.pdf.
10 days ago, Kami Florea
Please support your McPherson County National Honor Society. You can order from an NHS student or by calling or texting Mrs. Anderson.
11 days ago, Mrs. Raegan Anderson
NHS fundraiser
Students in grades 7-12 listened to a Holocaust Memorial presented by Peter Metzelaar. He talked about his experiences surviving and hiding as a child during WWII. He concluded his presentation to the students about having tolerance. "Everyone is the same on the inside and take from your education on how you can help the next group of people to make this a better world."
11 days ago, Kami Florea
holocaust 1
holocaust 2
Join us for some Easter fun!
11 days ago, Mrs. Lisa Vasa
Students in 7th-grade science conducted a hands-on investigation to gather evidence about properties. This investigation will help students determine whether substances can change into other substances. After the experiment, they will explore Laboratory mode in the Simulation. They used this mode to observe that substances can change into different substances at the atomic scale.
12 days ago, Christine Dawn Hermoso
Zoey combining the water  and the chemicals carefuly
Londyn, mixing the chemicals
String the mixture until the chemical dissolves.
Combine the mixtures to produce a new substance/ products
Spring has sprung. We are heading into our final season of activities this school year.
13 days ago, Kami Florea
We are getting our NETA on and gathering some wonderful information to bring back to our staff and students!
15 days ago, Kami Florea
AAAAND they are off!! Good luck to our Speech Team at State tomorrow!!
16 days ago, Bethany Keller
Here is a wonderful opportunity for our district patrons.
17 days ago, Kami Florea
Come show your support to all of these great speakers and coaches on Thursday! Good luck at State on Friday, March 17 in Kearney at the High School.
18 days ago, Kami Florea