MCS beats Arthur in 2 sets
over 5 years ago, Shelly Apperson
Cody- Kilgore wins the 2nd set and the game. 25-20.
over 5 years ago, Shelly Apperson
MCS the end of the 1st set, Cody-Kilgore 25, MCS 14
over 5 years ago, Shelly Apperson
Jr. High Fundraiser at Tonight's Volleyball game. Silent Auction Bake Sale and "Split the Pot". Help support these students as you enjoy cheering on the Longhorns Volleyball Team! Thank you!
over 5 years ago, Robyn Dalton
Miss Aubrey earned a piece of pie from her hard work in ALEKS!
over 5 years ago, Mrs. Lisa Vasa
Good job MNAC West! You sounded great!
over 5 years ago, Kami Florea
FFA members helped needed Sunday afternoon at Rusty Kemp's to cover silage pile. This is a fundraiser to pay for chapter activities.
over 5 years ago, Keith Nielson
The 8th graders alternative assessment - Because learning is fun! "I love seeing their creativity! Not everything has to be traditional and serious, I want to see how they make connections and show what they know" Mrs. Sandager
over 5 years ago, Mrs. Sandager
Rock Assessment
Dino Doers are learning about Columbus. Kindergarteners have been working very hard to learn their letter sounds and they have learned 40 sight words.
over 5 years ago, Joy Crow
CASE Animal science complete models of their ideal livestock facility.
over 5 years ago, Keith Nielson
swine model
horse facility model
beef facility model
Plants making progress in tower garden in the greenhouse
over 5 years ago, Keith Nielson
Plant Science and hydroponics
A great day at Valentine Livestock learning to judge Livestock, Thanks to Valentine Livestock Auction, Valentine FFA & FFA Alumni and ranchers that provided Livestock to judge
over 5 years ago, Keith Nielson
the gang
Balancer bulls
Mcpherson County Schools will have a 10:00 start on Friday, Oct 19th. Bus will run accordingly.
over 5 years ago, Dana Jeppson
Way to go Younger Thunder on winning your last game of season!
over 5 years ago, Mrs. Laura Blomstedt
MCHS went 1-1 tonight. Good job Longhorns!
over 5 years ago, Kami Florea
Lewis Carol's "Jabberwocky" is a great example of having fun with nonsense. Here are a few student guesses as to what a Jabberwocky might actually be.
over 5 years ago, Joseph Jensen
Selected drawings from Art 3 students work on shadow and shading now on display by the commons.
over 5 years ago, Mr. Blomstedt
Shadow and Shading
Strength Training students are super happy to be in the weight room!
over 5 years ago, Meka Melvin
Mrs. Connell High school teacher of the month.
over 5 years ago, Kami Florea
Mrs. Connell
And the winners are...... K-2 building Archie Fisher 3-6 building Cora Larson High school- Aubrey Schultis Elementary teacher- Ms. Melvin High school teacher- Mrs. Connell Congratulations everyone and keep up the good work!
over 5 years ago, Kami Florea
Ms Melvin