Future entrepreneurs at work! Working on a business plan.
over 5 years ago, Mrs. Polt
Mason, Theresa, and Holli
Reminder that 3rd-11th will be finishing MAP testing on Wednesday and Thursday! Charge your laptops!
over 5 years ago, Mrs. Raegan Anderson
Alyssa, the victim, and Tabby, the investigator, having a CSI moment for Spanish 1. An ingenious way of remembering the words for body parts in Spanish. How's your cuerpo?
over 5 years ago, Shelly Apperson
Spanish 1 class being CSI's to learn body parts
You have to love it when your substitute writes a note telling you that all the kids were great. We have GREAT students at MCS!
over 5 years ago, Mrs. Lisa Vasa
#MCS #MCSFFA range boards Red; Ethan, Kathrine, Kinnely, Cam'ron, Cash, Kaden
over 5 years ago, Keith Nielson
#MCS #MCSFFA rage board exhibitors at Nebraska State Fair, Blue; Annalee, Aubree, Josiah, Alyssa, Kadie, Isabella, Tabitha.
over 5 years ago, Keith Nielson
range boards
Preliminary results from Nebraska State Fair. Congratulations to Mason Ward first place GMAW welding board.
over 5 years ago, Keith Nielson
Mason's welding board
53-20 Hyannis. Good game Thunder! We are proud of you.
over 5 years ago, Kami Florea
#GillyStrong The Thunder presented a Thunder t-shirt to the Giellissen.
over 5 years ago, Kami Florea
The HS PE students pitching horseshoes at Miller Park.
over 5 years ago, Meka Melvin
Due to technical issues beyond our control, MAP testing has been rescheduled for next week on Wednesday and Thursday. This will impact students in grades 3 through 11 as they needed to finish testing. Suggestions to help students have a good test session include a good night's rest and a healthy breakfast.
over 5 years ago, Mrs. Raegan Anderson
Reminder- Picture Day is THIS Friday- 8/31 **Seniors and Fall Sports- Remember to bring your jerseys.
over 5 years ago, Mrs. Sandager
It was a busy day in the Science room! 9th - Temperature conversion relay 10th - Testing the effectiveness of different soap 11th - Used dimensional analysis to convert "Grandma's" fudge recipe into useable measurements (They had to test their work! -Ms. Sandager
over 5 years ago, Mrs. Sandager
Relay Winner!
Swabbing for bacteria
Making fudge!
MCHS Play Production Cast: Get your scripts from Ms. Sandager. Read and rehearse for your audition. Auditions: Thursday, Sept. 6th, after sports, in the gym.
over 5 years ago, Robyn Dalton
These lovely ladies are the junior high class officers for this school year!
over 5 years ago, Robyn Dalton
jr.hi class officers
Best of luck to everyone as they take the MAP tests today and tomorrow.
over 5 years ago, Renee Connell
The U.S. Flag at our school and across the nation will be flying at half-staff until September 2, 2018 in memorial of John McCain, a long standing U.S. Senator and Vietnam War Veteran.
over 5 years ago, Mr. Blomstedt
K-2 Flag etiquette
over 5 years ago, Kami Florea
K-2 learning flag etiquette.
Reminder that elementary and high school students will be MAP testing on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.
over 5 years ago, Mrs. Raegan Anderson
Good morning everyone just a reminder to all parents that we will be having MAP testing at both schools Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week. Students need great nutritious breakfasts, lots of good sleep and lots of encouragement. Tell your students not to stress but do their best.
over 5 years ago, Deb Brownfield