Book Fair & Gym Shoes


Dear Parents,

The elementary is having a book fair this month. It will start on Friday September 14th and end on September 20th. Parents please come in during Parent - Teacher Conference to look around! I will also have it open in the mornings before school and during library times throughout the week.  Click here to shop online for the book fair.

Also, 3rd - 6th grade students need to have PE shoes that can be left at the school for PE only in the gym. They will be stored at the high school for gym classes. Shoes need to fit comfortably, have good clean non-marking soles, and good support. For students who have difficulty tying their shoes, please consider getting them velcro laces. They do not need to be expensive name brand shoes. If your child/children have not already brought gym shoes for PE, please do so by September 24th.

Thank you!
Miss Melvin