McPherson County Schools exist to provide the necessary education to ensure that all students achieve college/career readiness to become responsible citizens capable of participating in a changing society. 

All students will pursue excellence by striving to do their personal best.

All students will strive to meet the expectations of each class and each activity.

All students will focus, refusing to be distracted or be a distraction.

All students will respect authority.

All students will practice skills until they reach mastery.

All students will demonstrate maturity that matches or exceeds their age.

All students will make attendance a priority in order to achieve excellence.

All teachers will focus on moving individual students toward their greatest potential.

All teachers will strive to see the whole student not just focus on their area.

All teachers will make themselves available to provide what each student needs for success.

All teachers will relate to students, parents and staff with genuine respect.

All teachers will differentiate their instruction to meet the individual needs of each student.

All teachers will pursue excellence by striving to do their personal best.

All teachers will collaborate with colleagues to provide engaging and relevant instruction.

All teachers will demonstrate lifelong learning through professional growth.